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Light Places

by Passenger Peru

  • Limited Edition Cassette
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Comes with digi-download card!

    Pro-dubbed cassette tape with full-color 3-panel j-card. The green ink on yellow colored cassette holds Passenger Peru's highly anticipated sophomore album where Passenger Peru execute a running commentary on modern city life for a 30-something-year-old through ebbs and flows of neo-psychedelic experimentation, crazy dynamic shifts, bare-boned odes, and odd yet infectious noise.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Light Places via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

hello my friends, the beginning is the end. everything quite frankly, is all fucked up. in addition if i might add, a cold war is here. look around, look around, look around…there is a russian beside you. all the aliens are here on earth and all our cities are collapsing. the house you live in is actually a tiny box. where nothing aligns and nothing makes sense and nothing means nothing. as i said, the beginning is the end.
friends dont call, but that just goes to show that you dont always know who can heal and who can hurt. I'm always the last one to know, i'm always the last one to show, i'm always the last one forgive and forget. tension between us builds, we both can see the truth lying between us louder and louder still. friends dont call, the past is filled with words, filled with bitter hollow words fair weather friends.
terror from the sun, cancer for everyone. the price that you are worth, has been deducted since birth. subtract shadow from the form, a hollow silhouette. there is terror from the sun, cancer for everyone. here comes the waves, over the mountain side wash me away, wash away all of our lives family and friends last image in my mind so this is the end, please let the pain be kind. the more i figure out, the less i figure out. a whore on new years eve, the best you've ever had. demons let you sit around, the best way to drown. the more i figure out, the less i figure out about life. there is death up above you and death down below lets laugh in its face and pretend not to know
Placeholder 03:24
placeholder hold my hand, and remember your place I'm here for now, but I can't help but look at other faces placeholder It's been a while, I need some style again and when I'm through, I'm hoping you will understand that I can't commit to anything but you're big and strong, the day is long, so please be my placeholder the line's so long, please hold my spot hey I'm back, you can leave now, thanks a lot placeholder you're my friend, always till the end well I'm bored, you'll be ignored, that's the trend cuz I can't commit to anything but you're big and strong the day is long, so please be my placeholder
I was injured by an ambulance, as ironic as that is I blacked out and woke up in your arms but thats just a fairy tale for kids. one time daisy fee. so then I decided to throw caution out, I confessed my love out to the wind I think thats when I finally found you there, no punishment and no sin. one time daisy fee. oh my god there are sharks on either side of this sinking ship and we cant run and hide far away from them, far away forever i'm misunderstood, i'm punching at the sky like a violent angry little ant. but nothing makes you feel more insignificant, then being aware of that simple fact. one time daisy fee. everything repeats and then repeats again i'm stuck on a tuesday or its stuck on me all this bullshit piles up and up I scream so inappropriately. one time daisy fee.
i had it all, sky before me woke from that dream, the crowd adored me in the same flash, in a messed up scene enter this play of a cast mismatched. nobody has a script everyone is sick of it one deep breath, sad but true one deep breath, leads to you break my neck, break my neck to break my neck to see the stars, the stars explode above. the feel machine, feeling nothing like burning whores, like burning dirt all at once, your eyes shot open in the same flash, the spotlight blinding.
everyone knows that i'm a fraud. everyone knows i'm a fake. i'm really a fraud, i'm really quite sad. i'm just a memoir of a ghost, crumpled up on the ground. please keep me around, please god keep me around. but everything you say, has been scripted anyways.
january is such a lonely month, for a full time santa clause nobody needs you, there is no laughter life is just put on pause. impossible mathematics driving me to drink hands clenched white upon the wheel, so tight I cannot think. deep in love, cant escape trapped inside a world that glows and nobody knows. fresh air outside, laughter outside you'd love to join. tv screen has walls so high, pixelated view. I was just a peasant, hoisted high above the crowd. i'm truly nothing special, I just hope I made my father proud.
The dinner was grand, we raised our glasses We hoped this liquid in a box would alter our chances of our fate to come, the deal's done our bodies strewn across a crimson area rug. the demon came and took my name she said, "you're just a product of your fucked up generation". but the past is gone, it wasn't that great nostalgia porn won't get me off, no not today. why should anyone stare at me all the time? paranoid. my body's oiled, my shoes have holes forced into moving into rhythm all at once and here it is, our fateful night reduced to stupidly ignoring all of our plights. paranoid.
you expected the good life, to be knocking at your door but heaven is full and not taking requests and the devil is lazy for sure. on company time, on the company dime I will raise my glass to you on company time, on the company dime I will write this song for you. when you were young you would dance, but now your body would collapse. with every year and every new wrinkle they wont allow you to play.
pretty lil' paintin' all fucked up, I like you that way. if this is it, then kill me now.



released February 24, 2015


all rights reserved



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