Passenger Peru

by Passenger Peru

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Passenger Peru is the brain child of Justin Stivers (bassist on The Antlers album “Hospice”, Pet Ghost Project) who combines his talents with virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Justin Gonzales to bring you a raw mix of cosmic shape-shifting tunes teetering on the brink of danceability.

Their debut self-titled album was written and recorded over the course of a year in Brooklyn basements and tranquil locations in the foothills of the Alaskan wilderness. The album finds the Brooklyn duo blending the tender and vulnerable song writing of Yo La Tengo with the aural colorings and production of Brian Wilson and the tribal noise freak-outs of early Animal Collective.


released January 28, 2014

Passenger Peru is:
Justin Stivers (Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Drums, Drum Machines)
Justin Gonzales (Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Piano, Samples)


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Track Name: Your Hunger
your hunger drives me/ it has me by the reins
leads me to the desert/ swim inside the flames
you fear nothing

so far down/ aint it so far down?

my friends they all steal/ but only from me
take all my comforts/ hunger is still free
pay no mind
Track Name: In the Absence of Snow
in the absence of snow/ everything that wouldnt grow
releases colors that can be found/ from brooklyn to the pudget sound

i’m stating the obvious i know/ down in the gutter life can show
you a thing or two about love/ pissing on you from above

your naked memory sits on the floor/ i just dont bother clothing you any more
one by one past lovers walk into my room/ all of them with various perfumes

snow kept falling anyways/ the worst in history they say
or maybe they lied to make that true/ fact or fiction is up to you
Track Name: Pollen Season
kiss both sides equally/ that way that way i know
you care as much for me/ dissect each part
and analyze every word i say/ time telescopes the farther you get away
you just may find your the same as me/ we look alike and lack family

pollen season sets in/ the earth and or gods laugh
thats them getting even/ we arent sick but we feel like shit yeah
just like a song we wrote back in high school
nothing has changed the parts are just rearranged
once upon a time my intentions were good
now i’d sell my soul for a scrap of food
Track Name: Tiger Lilly
tiger lilly/ tiger lilly/ tiger lady
resting your hands in your head
see me little see me bounce around the play
dont you wish you didnt have to work today
dont you wish you could be late

wake up in the morning droopy droopy eyes
spill your fresh cup of coffee
now its dripping dripping all over your pretty dress
dont you wish you didnt have to work today
dont you wish you could be late
said it before and i’ll say it again
tiger lilly
Track Name: Heavy Drugs
this tropical slumber by the pool/ along with heavy drugs should lighten the mood
drool like a fool

vacations over now
the money has been spent
vacations over now
the reality is rent
vacations over now

blue skies raining softly touches down/ wash away my fortunes and my crown
drool like a fool
Track Name: Weak Numbers
i should start by welcoming you/ into our home/ in you
if you breathe then you live
aside from candy coated mistakes/ i have nothing more to offer
if you breathe then you live
dont take my words away
what am i trying to say?
weak numbers hold this building up
once in a while i catch myself/ wishing ill will upon a friend
if you breathe then you live
i'm slow to learn and slow to speak/ but i love you so i repeat
if you breathe then you live
dont take my words away
what am i trying to say?
weak numbers hold this building up
Track Name: Memory Garden
its cruel to lie to children/ but some will
to fill their heads with notions/ some will
you’re a permanent fixture/ land fill
apocalyptic preview in a/ land fill

sleep tonight in peace/ while the storm outside starts wars
safe and warm and free/ remember this moment
you’re my pixelated girlfriend/ 8 bit
t.v in our grass field/ 8 bit
Track Name: Health System
one day/ or one year past/ i fell in love/ woke up in a cast
you were born to break my heart/ we were made to fall apart

talking in circles/ reach inside your head
reconnecting circuits/ that indicates your dead
health system/ heart beat
health system/ failing

cancer scratch at your throat/ talks for you when others wont
there is a shell around my life/ empty inside just me and the wife
Track Name: Dirt Nap
my heart it beats for no one/ my bones will rest alone
a fine place for sleeping
the fire i lit is frozen/ without you its a cold cold home
a lovely time for dreaming

every breath is borrowed/ life out on loan
these modern times are ancient/ our future is in debt with our past
these blinking lights above me/ in a hospital scene
keeps me alive forever/ but paralyzes me

so roll the dirt over me/ and build a freeway up above
chimes of concrete linger
Track Name: Life and Death of a Band
i’m drunk on this plane/ or swerve in the lane/ or fucking a whore
same difference to me/ with the same casualties/ the same nagging bore
you’re all on your own/ drunk and alone

a band with big plans/ a lawyer shaking your hands/
dont worry your secret is safe with me
stop all the press/ your shit is the scene/ ah baby we’ve heard it all before
sit on your throne/ drunk and alone

its you/ the problem
its you/ the solution

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